Kerala Scholars is a decentralised, pluralistic network of autonomous ventures.

Its mission is to strengthen Kerala studies in the social sciences and the humanities.

Decentralised: The network has no centralised authority. Nor are its ventures organised in any hierarchy.

Pluralistic: Ventures of different hues are welcome, irrespective of their motive (commercial, non-profit), legal position (registered entity, unregistered), ideology, and so on. Volunteer-driven, non-profit ventures are encouraged.

Autonomous: A venture’s goals, strategies, and activities are decided by the founding individuals or/and their team of workers, rather than any external individual or group. does not own or control the operations of any venture hosted on the platform.

All ventures work within Indian law. At present, the platform hosts two ventures — Kerala Scholars eGroup website, and Ala blog — and supports Kerala Scholars Messenger. is owned and operated by Ashok R. Chandran.

If you have a venture idea in Kerala studies, contact us.