Pitch your idea

Got a venture idea for Kerala studies? Pitch via email to Ashok at ideas@keralascholars.org.

In your concept note (two pages, max), please spell out briefly your

  1. Idea: What is your idea?
  2. Rationale: Why does the world need it?
  3. Personnel: Who will run it?
  4. Timeline: When do you plan to build and launch?
  5. Operational arrangements: How do you intend to run it? and
  6. Expectations: What help do you expect from Kerala Scholars?

Add your short bio and contact info. We shall get back to you (usually in 72 hours).

We shall not acknowledge or reply to pitches from pseudonymous identities or email addresses.

Benefits of the Kerala Scholars network

  • initial tech help (e.g., installation of software)
  • website hosting space free – http://yourventure.keralascholars.org
  • two alias email addresses free — @keralascholars.org or @yourventure.keralascholars.org
  • short concept-to-launch timeline
  • potential for support from other ventures in the network
  • connect with like-minded enthusiasts